Vicki Brackens offers you the following: investment planning, tax reduction strategies, estate planning and long term care insurance services to help build financially fit families. It's planning that can help you live the dreams your ancestors had for you, planning that can give you the opportunity to fulfill the hopes of generations to come.

We treat our clients differently. When you invest your financial assets with us, you receive personalized service designed exclusively for you.

That means a portfolio management strategy that is tailored to your needs, goals, and objectives, research that comes from hard work, not product literature, and thoughtful advice based on years of experience and observation. That is our idea of the kind of service a financial services representative should provide. If it's yours, too, call us and let's talk.

Brackens Financial Solutions Network,  awarded Business of the Year in the Minority-owned  Business category by Centerstate CEO- April 2018









The awards recognize member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to growth, improving the community and creating tangible impacts on the economy.

The Network Journal  Honored Vicki Brackens at its 20th  Annual 25 Influential Black Women in Business Awards Luncheon!

On Friday, March 16, 2018, The Network Journal, New York's leading Black professional and small-business magazine, will once again present it's annual Influential Black Women in Business Awards at the New York Marriott Marquis. TNJ's 25 Influential Black Women in Business Awards is one of New York City's most prestigious events. For the 20th consecutive year, this Luncheon event has been recognizing most successful Black women.

The Network Journal award for 25 Influential Black Women in Business- 2018 honoring women whose professional achievements have significantly impacted an industry or profession, and who also made an important contribution to her community. Typically, a business owner, or a partner, president, CEO, board chair, or other senior management executive with significant decision-making authority in the corporate, nonprofit, or government sector.

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Headlines to Watch- June 3rd 2019

How Everything Became Plastic

A century ago, stuff was expensive. Back then, people relied on nature to make things: Toothbrushes were made of silver, combs were made of tortoiseshell, and clothes were made of cotton (well, they still use a lot of cotton, but you get the point.)

Then, in 1907, a chemist named Leo â€¦..

(Source Money)


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