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Your dreams probably have very little to do with money...but money may be a key factor in realizing those dreams. So it's important to select a family advisor who can cut through the financial noise, and understand the reasons behind your financial choices - someone that can make you feel comfortable with the choices you make.


With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She holds the ChFC® designation from The American College. She previously was the co-host of Financial Fitness, the longest running television show on the Syracuse, NY PBS affiliate WCNY.

Her financial services firm, Brackens FInancial Solutions Network, LLC* (BFSN) offers comprehensive financial planning services through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., in Syracuse, NY.  The firm focuses on investment planning and wealth management. At BFSN there are four principals that guide every client interaction: Advocate, Advise, Monitor and Motivate.

Most of Vicki's clients are first-generation and second-generation professionals who are fulfilling both personal dreams and the dreams of their ancestors through noble careers. Vicki serves as a Research Associate at Syracuse Univserity's School of Information Studies. She also serves on numerous local community boards including the Syracuse Area Salvation Army and The Raymond von Dran IDEA Board of Advisors (RvD IDEA).

Start planning with Vicki Brackens. Vicki invites you to contact her today, so you can plan confidently for the future and take charge of your money.

*Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.