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29 Sept
CenterState CEO's Personal Financial Preparedness Series with Vicki Brackens


Join CenterState CEO’s Generation Next for this special, three part financial preparedness series, presented by Vicki Brackens, President and Financial Planner, Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC. Brackens will share how the next generation of leaders can begin to think about finances and financial management differently in order to be prepared for the things that happen in life, particularly in times of crisis. Each week, participants will take away tools, information and strategies to get themselves and their families through the next part of their lives, including managing earnings in a manner that prepares for rainy days.

During the three-part series, Brackens will lead deep dive discussions on effective personal financial preparedness techniques using the Boy Scout Motto philosophy: “Be Prepared,” and always be in a state of mind-body readiness to do your DUTY no matter the situation. Topics include:

  • Part one: (September 15th) What If? The essential question when traveling down the road to preparedness. In this session you will learn how scenarios and role play work to strengthen your financial preparedness.
  • Part Two: (September 29th) What’s available? Learn what tools and strategies are effective in building a preparedness plan.
  • Part Three:  (October 13th) What about me? Join an open forum for discovery and questions specific to the attendees. Now is the time to be brave and always be prepared for the next crisis.

Cost: Free to attend.   Attendees are encouraged to participate in all three sessions to maximize the experience.

Generation next is a CenterState CEO initiative that seeks to attract diverse talent to Central New York, foster opportunities for career advancement, and connect talented diverse professionals through social engagement and networking opportunities.

Date and Time

September 29, 2020 - October 13, 2020

4:00p - 5:30p EST




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