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Inspiration for the Nation George Kilpatrick is partnering with Vicki R. Brackens and Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC for an exciting new series on wealth-building strategies.
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Episode 61 - What will you do with your refund? 3-10-2019 

Episode 60  -Visualize This !2-24-2019

Episode 59 - Your money and your identity 2-17-2019

Episode 58 - The power of pocket change 2-10-2019

Episode 57  - Working for yourself 2-3-2019

Episode 55  - Surviving your own shutdown 1-20-2019

Episode 54  - Your money your life 1-13-2019

Episode 53  -Exciting new plans for 2019! 12-08-2018

Note: These recordings are from previous weeks where Vicki Brackens of Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC was registered at a Lincoln Financial Advisors. Vicki Bracknes is no longer registered with Lincoln Financial Advisors. LIncoln Financial Advisors is not affiliated with LPL Financial. This content is for general information only and may not be suitable for all investors.

Episode 52- Back to money basics

Episode 51  Where Do I Get Started? Saving Vs Investing

Episode 50- Let's do it Again

Episode 49- What is impacting your money now?

Episode 48- Power money moves...time to reflect.

Episode 47-Inspiration for the Nation

Episode 47- Wealth creation through the Family Mission Statement

Episode 46 9/30/18 Vicki Brackens on Inspiration For The Nation Money Maven Segment

Episode 46- How to create a Family Mission Statement

Episode 45- Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

Episode 44- How do you protect your assets without a will?

Episode 44-Inspiration for the Nation on the radio 8-31-2018 (episode #44)

Episode 43- Do you have a family mission statement?

Episode 42- Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families

***for the article referenced:  


Episode 41- Independence Day!

Episode 40- More wealth building strategies

Episode 39- What is the most overlooked wealth building strategy?

Episode 38- Debt and what it means for you

Episode 37-  It takes ideas to change the world!

Episode 36- More money tips!

Episode 35- Vicki talks money, wealth, and lifestyle

Episdoe 34- What does money mean to you? Zero no more!

Episode 33- Vicki's Journey to where she is now

Episode 32 - Sustaining black wealth

Episode 31-  Discuss tariffs and increasing your net worth every year!

Episode 30- Calculate your net worth

Episode 29- Economic justice, black history and your money

Episode 28- What are hedge funds?

Episode 27- What the market volatility really means for you

Episode 26- Tax reform, bitcoin, and what about money is important to you

Episode 24- Structuring and Funding your exit plan

Episode 23- What is your exit strategy?

Episode 22- How do you make your money decisions?

Episode 21- Are you ready for retirement?

Episode 20- Year-end tax tips!

Episode 19 - Your money at work.

Episode 18- Money and power. 

Episode 17- Savers Tax Credit

Episode 16 - What is your lifetime wealth ratio?

Episode 15 - Numbers don't lie....$$ Money tips

Episode 14 - How to increase your net worth

Episode 13 - Your money when disaster strikes!

Episode 12 - What's on your financial plate?

Episode 11 - Make your money work for you!

Episode 10 - Where does my money go?

Episode 9 - Talking money

Episode 8 -  So you want to be a millionaire?

Episode 7 - Making money by growing your financial pie!

Episode 6 -  Best strategies to get your money right, keep your papers straight, and get organized!

Episode 5 - Why organization is one of the best ways to build wealth.

Episode 4 - Net worth : What it is and how to build it.

Episode 3 - What's important about money to you?

Episode 2 - Women make most of the financial decisions in the family, but are they prepared to handle the responsibility?

Episode 1 - What is the difference between being rich and wealthy.

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The Network Journal award for 25 Influential Black Women in Business- 2018 honoring women whose professional achievements have significantly impacted an industry or profession, and who also made an important contribution to her community. Typically, a business owner, or a partner, president, CEO, board chair, or other senior management executive with significant decision-making authority in the corporate, nonprofit, or government sector.

Centerstate CEO's Business of the Year award 2018 (in partnership with the Upstate Minority Economic Alliance) in the minority-owned business category -These member businesses stand out among an incredibly competitive field of nominees for their outstanding success and role that they play in strengthening the community.