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Friendly Neighborhood Advisor

Got a burning question about finance?

Got a burning question about finance?

Watch out for our new segment Friendly Neighborhood Advisor on Inspiration for the Nation (Power 620 iHeart Radio) where  Mike Jennings answers your finance-related questions!

Brackens Financial Solutions Network is proud to announce a new
segment for our America's Money Maven series heard weekly on
Inspiration for the Nation: Friendly Neighborhood Advisor!

Wealth Advisor / Financial Planning Associate Michael Jennings II goes online to answer any general questions you might have about current financial matters, personal finance, estate planning strategies, or other investment topics.

We'll be sharing monthly posts about the segment on our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so be sure to follow us there and leave your questions in the comments!

Mike will answer your questions on Inspiration for the Nation with George Kilpatrick and Vicki Brackens, which airs every Sunday morning from 9AM -10 AM ET. You can also watch a recording of the episode on our official YouTube channel Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC, so you won't miss out.

Ask away!

Tune in to the latest episode of Friendly Neighborhood Advisor below!


All the past episodes of Friendly Neighborhood Advisor can be found on our YouTube channel. Click the button below to check it out!

Check the full playlist!

<h2>Friendly Neighborhood Advisor Mixer</h2>

Friendly Neighborhood Advisor Mixer

The Friendly Neighborhood Advisor Mixer was a blast! Many thanks to all who attended and celebrated a night of food, drinks, and conversations with Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC Wealth Advisor / Financial Planning Associate Michael Jennings last May 24th. Check out some pictures here in this link below!

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Reach out to Mike!

Reach out to Mike!

Michael Jennings

Wealth Advisor/Financial Planning Associate

Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC

250 S Clinton St Suite 110

Syracuse, NY 13202

Main: (315) 930-4499

Direct: (315) 748-5540

Fax: (315) 748-5540